Buy yourself a money printer.

It’s crypto’s main unique selling point. That has been forgotten over the years.

In the early days, being a Bitcoiner meant receiving new coin inflation. And keeping everyone else honest. Far cry from what we observe today, don’t you think?

All these narratives, of changing and challenging the banking system are healthy goals. But I’m more interested in sharing common sense Economics. Because I’m a regular dude myself. I scrapped & scraped my way through college. Became a working stiff, and found myself sentenced to a very confined lifestyle. Which basically involved being a debt-serf. With weekend debauchery my release valve.

So giving you more Market commentary, and warning you of pending economic doom is madness. There's plenty of that content on the web already. And most of those guys are just intellectually self-aggrandizing. Or worse, harvesting your attention to promote themselves, and make a living off your attention. Just because someone wears a suit and speaks with conviction. Does not make him an expert. Show me your gains, bro!

Most economists are just your average academic, never doing anything of real value. The famous ones are the worst of the breed. Ask yourself what his incentives are. Does he really want to save you and your family?

Completely exiting the stock market, to buy US dollar-denominated debt in the form of bonds = (Stupidity) *(Stupidity). This is was what Harvey Dent, prescribed to Richard Heart and his audience the other day on YouTube!

Harry Dent, is in his 60’s. He proclaims himself, as an armchair economist (as in not qualified). His net worth is just over a million dollars. I repeat, he is in his 60’s. Wtf is going on! Why does he have an audience at all, when all he does is deprive you of gains. I would hazard a guess 90% of his income is from him being a personality. He is playing a role in front of your eyes. That of a doom merchant. Turn him off, next time you see him.

The important question to ask. Not of how to financially shelter in place, adopting a defensive position. But how can we make money, today? Tomorrow. This year and next year. Stop listening to doom merchants, who peddle fear. And start adopting an abundance mindset. You will start seeing the world in a whole new light.

If you have read my previous articles. I have been focusing 90% of my articles on a product, called HEX. It’s that good. It forced me to start putting my thoughts down on “paper”. Because hoarding information doesn’t do anyone any good. It also doesn’t pump my own bags. I hold a lot of HEX. I’m talking my own book, let's Pump together.

The Vanderpump in effect, lol. Good, I have your attention.

If you’re already a Hex holder and T share staker, for any length of time. You already know how wonderful it feels, to have guaranteed interest paid to you every day. The APY rates are impressive, to say the least.

Bonds are so last century. Give me global, digital savings please.

But, wait isn’t Inflation a bad thing! Well the rich and well to do, certainly don’t seem to mind it do they? In fact, they actively encourage it. They just don’t want you plebs to receive any of it.

The basic point, for a economy to function. You need more money, pushed into the system every year. A positive flow, greater than your Gross Domestic Product. The principle being, people want to get paid. In order for risk & innovation to be rewarded and encouraged, there needs to be a bigger pot to claim from at the end of your hustle, than at the start of it.

If money is being drained from the pot at a faster rate than economic output. Then people stop hustling and start hoarding. Because that is the incentive structure of a contracting money pot.

I am encouraging you to hustle into HEX. So you can buy a productive asset. The T share, which is accessible within the smart contract system of HEX. I don’t need a lot of words to “sell” this product. The numbers do that all by themself.

The orange line is my favorite. If you held 1 T share from the very beginning till today 3/3/21. It would have entitled you to 1581 HEX tokens. Or $14.66 to give it a real-life value. Remember, it would have cost you pennies and returned you enough to enjoy a month's Netflix subscription.

A 100 T shares would have returned you a sum similar to the US Federal Government stimulus checks!

Numbers don’t lie. It’s the people telling you the stories about the numbers, or even hiding the numbers that do. Congress, Uncle Joe, and the Fed twist numbers to their own agendas, not yours.

#FOMO warning. The price of a T share is currently $155.28. Or 316 times less than a Bitcoin token. Yes, I said token, choosing my words very carefully here.

So for 155 bux, you are buying a money printer that yields 5.812 HEX a day. About 6 cents. Big whoop you might say. Well when you multiply it by 365, those pennies start to add up. It translates into $22 bux.

The below chart, really highlights the upward momentum, that the contract is gathering. Everyday $ millions are passing through it. It currently stores well over half a billion dollars of economic energy. The unique feature, of the system, is the snowball effect. At the top of the mountain, a stone might come loose and start moving. As it gathers momentum, it starts collecting snow. By the bottom of the mountain, it could grow to the size of an Alpine house. The crypto Industry is basically sitting at the bottom of the mountain waiting to be flattened.

This is explained by the token price, feeding the T share price, which in turn generates greater demand for the token. Because of the growing set of millionaires being minted by the contract. It really is that simple.

credit @whalesonly1

Okay, so we’re not at the central bank level. Where the cost of creating, new currency units is zero. But let me tell you, it's the cheapest money printer you can get your hands on. A money printer, that is likely to appreciate in value, not depreciate! Apply that to those 6 cents. What if that T share started minting, 25 cents a day. I’ve already seen it happen in front of my own eyes. Where once I was getting a couple of dollars a day. Now I’m getting more than, I ever did working for someone else. 7 days a week. 52 Weeks a year. Whilst I sleep.

Oh yea, another major consideration. That $155 can be slashed in price by 2/3rds. Yup, you heard correct. Maxing out the bonuses, by creating long terms contracts. Can cut the price of a T Share down to about $50 dollars! This is how the APY can jump up to those advertised 40% levels.

How cheap are these T shares / Money Printers? Let me show you below.

credit @whalesonly1

That’s right. A price-earnings divisible. Not multiple! Go on Yahoo finance and scan the businesses you can buy a share of from the S&P 500 or Nasdaq. See how long, it would take for their earnings to reach your share purchase price. We are talking price multiples in the decades. In the case of Tesla, it’s a Millenia. Or over a thousand years, to us common men. Us regular folk, don’t live that long. Even the elite overlords have not found a way to beat father time yet. lol.

So what the hell are you waiting for, the T share rate is programmed to only ever go up. Yes, you heard correctly. The number of Hex needed to buy a T share is algorithmically programmed never to go down. This is to eliminate the gaming of the system. And bring about super-compounding effects to your investment.

I could go on, but a man needs his nightcap. Some Gentleman Jack awaits.