HEX. Is it a Crypto Cult?

A delusional cult member

The word “cult” is tossed around quite frequently on social media, it’s a alienating word. Nobody admits to being part of a cult. The word is often put on a religion, organization or group of followers that one finds offensive or creepy. Or sometimes the label is used, with the aim, to smear and throw shade at something.

It’s basically impossible to establish a difference between a real cult, that causes harm to people. And a respectable religion or organization.

At the center of the cult is usually a charismatic leader. Who the group of people, show excessive devotion to. Sometimes that leader morphs into a object or belief system. But the key thing is, the unquestioning faith by the followers. Do you see why, cults and religions, can be interchangeable!

There is a valid reason for concern, because if the leader supports and preaches a particular doctrine, belief system, or ideology that members stick to. Members are usually so committed, to this belief system that they can be easily persuaded to commit unethical, if not illegal acts. That have been deemed justifiable by their leader. Acts that may cause harm to people outside of the group.

Charles Manson, was probably the most famous example in modern times. Who provided the backdrop story, in the film;

Once upon a time in Hollywood.

His ideology, led to a group of teenage girls committing a series of murders including the killing, of the actress Sharon Tate.

But, cultish behaviour is not always so dark.

Remember the heady days of Apple under Steve Jobs. Who was admired and hated in equal measure. He was known for creating a hypnotic reality distortion field, whilst delivering keynote speeches.

And his followers, or early adopters would que up for hours, if not overnight to get the latest release from their Hero/Leader.

Cultish Behaviour?

So if you are not aware of the cryptocurrency $HEX

But are interested in learning about this space. In Decentralized Finance. Removing middle men, and creating a level playing field for wealth generation for everyone.

And you start to uncover some negativity thrown at the HEX product and it’s founder, Richard Heart. Including words like Cult, Scam, Ponzi.

Ask yourself who is doing the smearing and what interests are they trying to protect.

Yours or their Own!

A Well known Crypto Reporter, who gets paid by various crypto companies to advertise on his Podcast.

Right now, there are real people who actively broadcast their own experiences with Hex. On twitter, youtube. Real people with real faces and real gains $$$ (me myself, being one)

And actually displaying the wealth that Hex, has provided in its early days of operation.

Is Hex a Cult?

Or is this just early adopters trying to spread awareness of a world changing technology.

You tried and used, what Jobs envisioned and created.

Maybe trying what Richard Heart created, will change your life too. But, put money into your pocket. Rather than take it out.

Balla Ji




A Ballin’ Hexconomist

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Balla Ji

Balla Ji

A Ballin’ Hexconomist

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