HEX: The secret society of investments.

I first claimed my free HEX on day 7 (of the contract). I had a few Bitcoins. I had been watching Richard Heart for a few months. I knew the product was launching, it was a date I had marked in my calendar (Richard is very good at marketing). But I wasn’t exactly frothing at the mouth to get my hands on Hex, by any means.

And to be honest the whole process seemed sketchy and confusing. I had to move my bitcoins to a strange wallet. I had to sign a transaction?? I was apprehensive. It felt, like a great way to have my bitcoins stolen!

So why did I plough ahead?

I had my bitcoins “stored” in a safe space, earning a little yield. Why move them.

Why did I risk all my BTC, to someone I was only exposed to, a few months prior. This being the BTC, that I had the majority of my wealth stored in at the time. If I lost them, I would be financially crippled.

Good question. Was it my due diligence, of reading the code. Combing through the audits, with a fine toothpick. Nope, none of those prudent things. I’m computer illiterate (barely language literate! 😝) code is gobbledygook to me.

Nope, it all boiled down to a character judgement. Me on this dude, I knew through the internet.

Bold, risky move!

Visually, Richard presents you with many red flags. He assaults your eyeballs, so you have no choice, but to draw conclusions on the guy. He polarises people, right from the get go.

I’m sure 90% of this is intentional. But, he is definitely not the guy you would hand over your life savings to, right?

Well… I basically did just that. Over the course of 2020. First a little, then a lot!

It was certainly not through external validation, by the characters in the crypto industry. That’s for sure! Who either, throw hate at Richard and his financial product (to this day) or actively do their best not to draw attention to Hex, Richard and the Hexicans.

It’s, bizarre, sad and embarrassing all rolled into one.

It blows my mind, that the ethos of Crypto Currency and the cypherpunk movement. Was to remove middlemen, and to separate money from a government that forces their currency on you at birth. To what it has morphed into now. Bit of a shit show. Relatively and figuratively.

And the reason, why I don’t listen to any popular crypto personality. I still keep an eye out to what Vitalik Buterin is tweeting about, or some other good projects like Metamask. But apart from that, I have them all on mute.

It’s unfortunate, the guys who are developing and creating great tools for people. Are too busy doing the hard work, to counterbalance the noise created by the influencers. Who are doing mostly harm, and in the pockets of the exchanges and scam projects.

HEX is a complete product. It works great. It’s already minted a few millionaires ( I hope to be next).

Yet for the time being, it remains in the murky shadows.

That will change in time of course. But for now, HEX is definitely a secret society of an investment.

Join the club or don’t. I don’t really care. But I hope it shed some light on the environment, that a good product has to launch in. and the challenges it faces, just to receive acknowledgement from the self designated powers that be.

Thankfully, the code and contract will continue to run day after day. And the longer it does successfully the more people will gain confidence in what Richard has devised.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Balla Ji



A Ballin’ Hexconomist

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