What’s going on with Ethereum? EIP-1559 is forcing Layer 2 to the forefront.

Half life is the time that it takes for half of the original value to decay. One half life is the time that it takes for the activity of a source to fall to half its original value. The second law of thermodynamics can be used to help understand why radioactive decay occurs.

  • The half-life of money in a strong fiat currency is ~5 years (not much better, but enough time for you to earn, use, and deploy) given the massive QE across global central banks. Joe Biden has 3 stimulus packages with a current total of $6 trillion on the way!
  • Doge which began in 2013, has a half-life of approx. 20 years. Shorters be warned!
  • The half-life of bitcoin is potentially centuries. If not forever, dependent on continual adoption along the S curve. And the supply emission tailing off in 2140.
My chart from tradingview @ BallaJi

More than 60% of Ethereum nodes run in the cloud, 25% on Amazon Web Services.

As this becomes more common knowledge, the notion of a decentralized blockchain world computer narrative is killed. Joe Lubin decided to opt for tokenomics that Pumps instead. Users be damned. Show me, the Benji's $$$!!!

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