What’s going on with Ethereum? EIP-1559 is forcing Layer 2 to the forefront.

  • The half-life of money in a strong fiat currency is ~5 years (not much better, but enough time for you to earn, use, and deploy) given the massive QE across global central banks. Joe Biden has 3 stimulus packages with a current total of $6 trillion on the way!
  • Doge which began in 2013, has a half-life of approx. 20 years. Shorters be warned!
  • The half-life of bitcoin is potentially centuries. If not forever, dependent on continual adoption along the S curve. And the supply emission tailing off in 2140.
My chart from tradingview @ BallaJi

More than 60% of Ethereum nodes run in the cloud, 25% on Amazon Web Services.

As this becomes more common knowledge, the notion of a decentralized blockchain world computer narrative is killed. Joe Lubin decided to opt for tokenomics that Pumps instead. Users be damned. Show me, the Benji's $$$!!!



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